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BECU Mortgage Rates and Calculator – Home Loans 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

BECU allows an individual to seek the mortgage rates for a home by entering their financial situation with the Loan Consultant Page. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of the applicant’s situation and suggests what might be the best option for obtaining a loan on a new home.

How to Find Rates

Step 1 – Go to Loan Consultant Page

Step 2 – Enter the following personal information;

Personal Loan Questions

Personal Loan Questions

    • Loan Purpose – Is it for a Purchase or a Refinance?
    • Click on Conventional (Not insured by the federal government) or FHA (Not insured by the Federal Housing Administration and requires as little of a downpayment as 3.5% but the purchase price is restricted)
    • Cost of New Home ($)
    • Down Payment
    • Closing Costs Paid by Seller
    • Your Credit; Select from;
        • Excellent
        • Good
        • Average
        • Below Average
        • Poor
        • Or type in your Credit Score Number
    • Answer the following question

Do you currently have a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit that will remain or will you be obtaining one during this mortgage transaction?

Step 3 – Enter the following property information;

Property (Real Estate) Questions

Property (Real Estate) Questions

    • Type of Property;
        • Single Family/Detached
        • Attached/Townhouse
        • Detached Condo
        • High-rise Condo (5 or more stories)
        • Land
        • Low-rise Condo (1 to 4 stories)
        • Manufactured Home (Double-wide)
        • Manufactured Home in a Condo
        • Manufactured Home Multi-wide
        • Manufactured Home Single-wide
        • Planned Unit Development
    • Property is for the following use;
        • My residence
        • Second (2nd) residence/vacation home
        • Investment home/rental property
    • Located in the Following State (Only the following qualify);
        • Arizona
        • California
        • Illinois
        • Kansas
        • Missouri
        • Oregon
        • Pennsylvania
        • Washington State
    • Select the County

Click on the Find Rates button on the bottom of the page and the rate will be shown on the next page.

BECU Mortgage Calculators

This is determined by the amount of income the person makes per year and how much they are willing to pay for the down-payment.

Determines how much income the applicant needs to make in order to qualify for a home mortgage amount.

Determines how much the monthly payment will be after inputting the new home price and the down-payment percentage (%).

Calculates if the applicant should purchase the property or continue renting. The following must be entered

    • Current Rental Payment
    • Loan Payment
    • Loan Term
    • Interest rate (%)
    • Annual Property Taxes
    • Annual Homeowner’s Insurance
    • Income Tax Rate

Input the applicant’s financial information in relation to the following variables;

    • Loan Product
    • Product Price
    • Down Payment
    • Monthly Income
    • Monthly Debt Payments
    • Balances on All Credit Cards
    • State the Property is Located

BECU Auto Loan Rates and Calculator 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

BECU offers vehicle loans in addition to calculators to help determine what the payment will be every month, how much the applicant can afford, loan comparison, and view which type of loan is best. After figuring the right situation for which the applicant qualifies they should submit their personal information, along with the vehicle information, to apply for an auto loan on the BECU website, by calling 1(800) 233-2328, or by going to a branch location.

Auto Rates

The BECU auto loan rates may be figured out by going to This Page and viewing the rates on the left-side of the page.

Sample BECU Auto Rates

Sample BECU Auto Rates

Auto Loan Calculators

Vehicle Loan Comparison

Enter the following information in order to compare different types of vehicles and their rates at which BECU will loan funds:

    • Zip Code
    • Vehicle Type – Automobile, Boat, Recreational Vehicle
    • Type of Loan – New, Used, or Refinance
    • Price of Vehicle
    • Down Payment Amount
    • Credit Rating – Latest that you are aware

Click on the “Continue” button and you will be given the rate of interest.

What Car Can I Afford?

This type allows a user to see how much they may be able to pay for a vehicle based on their income and the type of loan they would like to make. The user must enter the following;

    • Monthly Payment – The amount they would like to spend every month towards the auto.
    • Down Payment – How much would the person like to pay at closing.
    • Interest Rate – Use the default number for best results.
    • Loan Term – Choose from 36, 48, 60, 72, or 84 months.
    • Zip Code
    • Make – If specific enter but if you have just started your car buying experience use the default of “All”.

Which Vehicle Loan is Better?

If a user would like to compare loans and “play with the number” they may use this calculator to see how much their loan amount would be if they change the following variables;

    • Down payment
    • Purchase Price
    • Loan Term (months)
    • Interest Rate (as a percentage)
    • Your Savings Interest Rate (if any)
    • Your State & Federal Tax Rates (if any)

After entering the details of the two (2) loans the user may compare using the tools such as viewing

    • Results – Monthly Payment and the Total Interest Paid
    • View Graphs
    • View Tables

How Much Will my Payments Be?

This is the most simple of the tools which allows a person to enter generic factors that come into effect when creating a loan in order to get their monthly amount such as;

    • Purchase Price
    • Cash Rebate (if any)
    • Value of Trade-in
    • Amount Owed on Trade-in
    • Down Payment
    • Loan Term
    • Interest Rate

Click the red button that says “Get Your Results” and the payment will be calculated and presented to you.

How to Apply

To apply for an auto loan online the applicant must;

Step 1 – Go to the BECU Auto Loan WebPage.


Step 2 – At this point you will be asked to either login to your account or register as a new user and apply for the vehicle loan. When applying it will be a four (4) part process; Personal Information, Account & Services, Fund Account, Confirmation.

Auto Loan Application Steps

Auto Loan Application Steps

Step 3 – When filling out the application the following questions will be asked;

    • Eligibility Information
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth (DOB)
    • Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Physical Address
    • Zip Code, City, State
    • Primary Phone
    • E-Mail Address
    • Photo Identification
        • ID Number
        • Issue Date
        • Expiration Date
        • Issue State

After this is complete click on the ‘Continue’ button on the bottom of the webpage.

Primary Applicant Information

Primary Applicant Information

BECU Routing Number and Wiring Instructions 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

The BECU routing number is 325081403 and is typically used when conducting bank transfers, wires, paying by check by phone, and any other reason that would require the information.

Where to Find on a Check


As you can see on the above image, you may find the nine (9) digit number on the bottom left corner of any BECU check.

Wire Information

    • Incoming Wire Instructions – For the exclusive use of account holders who are expecting funds into their account from an outside source (domestic or international).
    • Outgoing Wire Transfers – For account holders who are looking to send funds to another account.
    • Wire Telephone Number – 1(206) 439-5700 or 1(800) 233-2328.

UCBI Mobile Online Banking App | Apple iOS | Android 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

The UCBI banking apps allow an individual to conduct financial activity on their Apple or Android phone.


The applications allow a user to do the following;

  • View Accounts
  • Find a Local Branch
  • Send Funds to Someone else (Transfer Money)
  • Bill Pay
  • Make Deposits
  • Activate Notifications


  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Asks for challenge questions prior to moving money for better security


  • Updates sometimes disable users or requires them to re-register

UCBI Routing Number and Wiring Instructions 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

In order to conduct a wire or transfer money domestically or internationally the sender and receiver will be required to have a UCBI routing number.

UCBI Routing Number – 061112843


How to Wire Money

The best way UCBI recommends to transfer funds is to go to your nearest branch location with the following information;

Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing

  • Bank Name
  • Routing Number – 061112843
  • Address of Bank
  • Creditor’s Name
  • Creditor’s Account Number

International Wire – Up to 7 Days for Processing

  • Intermediary Bank – Wells Fargo Bank Intl, 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA
  • Swift Code – WFBIUS6S
  • Beneficiary Bank – UCBI
  • Routing Number – 061112843
  • Customer’s Name
  • Customer’s Account Number

UCBI Auto Loan Rates and Calculator 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

At UCBI they allow an individual or business entity be able to figure out how much they will be able to afford for a new or used vehicle based on the financial variables such as monthly payment, down payment, trade-in value, loan term, interest rate (%), and to be able to view a payment schedule.

  • To apply for a vehicle loan the applicant will be required to visit a branch location

How to Compute

Get Maximum Auto Price – Go to This Webpage and a person should fill-in the following blank fields with the following in order to see how much they may be able to afford for a vehicle;

  • Highest Monthly Payment that is Comfortable for the Borrower
  • Down Payment
  • Trade-in Value of Previous Vehicle
  • Loan Term (in months or years)
  • Interest Rate (As a percentage (%))

Click the ‘Compute’ button on the bottom of the page in order to get your maximum suggested purchase price.

Find Loan Rate – Go to This Webpage and fill-in the following;

  • Purchase Price
  • Down Payment
  • Payment Amount per Month
  • Loan Term

Click on the ‘compute’ button and the loan rate will be shown highlighted in blue as a percentage (%).

Find Loan Payments – Go to This Webpage and fill-in the following;

  • Purchase Amount
  • Down Payment
  • Loan Term (months/years)
  • Interest Rate

Click on the ‘compute’ button and you will be able to view how much each of the monthly amounts will be during the course of the loan period.

UCBI Online Banking Login 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

The UCBI online banking login is available for free to all United personal accounts users.

Step 1 – Go to the This Webpage and login from the area on the right top of the page by:

  • Selecting your service type (Personal or Business)
  • Typing your User ID


Step 2 – After typing your User ID you will be redirected to a new page where you will type your password to login. With successful entry you will be able to;

  • Review balances and all accounts
  • Search for transactions
  • Apply for loans
  • Transfer funds
  • Conduct online bill-pay
  • Download eStatements up to 18 months


  • Telephone1(706)781-2265 from 7am to 7pm Monday thru Friday.
  • Find a Branch
  • OnlineIf an individual has an account but has not enrolled in the online banking feature they may do so by Clicking This Link. After agreeing and accepting the terms fill in the blanks with the following information;
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Account Number
  5. Type of Account
  6. E-mail Address
  7. Security Question
  8. Security Answer

Submit and the profile will be ready to use.

UCBI Mortgage Rates and Calculator – Home Loans 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

UCBI bank offers its users a free service of calculators for those who are seeking a mortgage loan for home or those who still don’t know if their best option is to buy or rent property.

Should I Refinance?

This calculator will show if refinancing is the best option for you. To refinance at lower interest rates other charges apply. The results depend on how long you plan to keep your ownership. Fill in with the information below:

    • Current Loan:                                                                                           
    1. Original loan sum
    2. Original mortgage lenght
    3. Date of loan
    4. Current interest rate
    • New Loan:
    1. Amount you wish to cash out upon refinance
    2. New interest rate
    3. Points
    4. Fees and closing costs
    5. New loan term
    1. Income tax rate
    2. Savings rate
    3. How long you will keep this ownership

After filling in with the information above click on compute to see the results.

How Much Will My Fixed Rate Mortgage Payment Be?

This calculator computes the payments per month  using monthly interest compounding for a fixed rate loan. Fill in with the information below then click on compute to see the results:

    1. Property price
    2. Down payment
    3. Loan term
    4. Interest rate

How Much Will My Adjustable Rate Mortgage Payments Be?

This calculator computes the estimated payments and interest for an adjustable rate loan. Fill in with the required information listed below:

    1. Home price
    2. Down payment
    3. Loan term
    4. Beginning interest rate
    5. Life rate cap
    6. Maximum amount the rate will increase at the first interval
    7. Maximum amount the rate will increase at each subsequent interval
    8. Number of months before the first rate increase
    9. Number of months between subsequent rate increases

How Much Will My Payments Be For a Balloon Mortgage?

This calculator computes the payment amount necessary for a mortgage with a balloon payment, using monthly interest compounding and monthly payments. The term of a ballon mortagage is normally short but the payment amount is amortized over a longer term. Usually the interest rate is lower but the final balloon payment is substantial. List of required information below:

    1. Home price
    2. Down payment amount
    3. Amortized over (term)
    4. Balloon payment after
    5. Interest rate

Should I Rent or Buy?

This calculator shows a comparison between costs of buying versus the costs of renting a property.

    1. Rent per month
    2. Monthly renter’s insurance
    3. How much will rent increase each year?
    • Purchase Information
    1. Property price
    2. Down payment
    3. Interest rate
    4. Loan term
    5. Points
    6. Closing cost for buying
    • Home Information
    1. Annual property taxes
    2. Average monthly maintenance
    3. Monthly homeowner’s insurance
    4. How much will your home appreciate each year?
    5. Other monthly costs
    • Personal Information
    1. State and Federal tax rate
    2. Investment rate of return
    3. How long will you stay in this property?
    • Sale Information
    1. Real estate agent commission
    2. Closing cost for selling

Which Mortgage is Better For Me?

This calculator will show you a comparison between the total cost of any two or three mortgages. This analysis includes the effect of a tax deduction for interest, if it’s not your case or you don’t want to show the tax deduction, choose an income tax rate of zero.

Fill in with the required information:

    • Loan Details – Notice that you have three columns to fill up, if you just want compare two mortgage just don’t fill the last column. Fill in with information as : Loan ID, Down Payment, Loan Term, Interest Rate, Points, Other Fees, Loan Type, Adjustable Type, Maximum initial rate adjustment, Maximum subsequent rate adjustment and Anticipated rate cap.
    • All Loans – Fill in with : Home price, Income tax rate, After tax savings rate and How long will you stay in this property.

How Much Mortgage Might I Qualify For?

This calculator should be used for estimation purposes only. Most lenders base their home loan qualification on both your total monthly gross income and your monthly expenses. Fill in with the required information as:

    • Combined gross annual income
    • Minimum monthly credit card payments
    • Car payments
    • Other fixed monthly debt expenses
    • Loan Information
    • Payment Information

Should I Consolidate my Loans?

This calculator determines the pros and cons of consolidating various loans and credit card debt. Click the “Add” button to enter up to a total of 10 different loans and credit cards.

Fill in with information as: Loans (remaining amount), Credit Cards (remaining amount), Consolidated Loan (loan type, interest rate, term, fees, points, savings rate and tax rate)

TCF Bank Online Banking Login 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

The TCF Bank online banking login can be completed right on the homepage by following the steps:

Step 1 – Go to the This Webpage and login from the area on the left-hand side of the page by typing in the

Step 2 – Type in your User ID and Password to login to your bank account. After successful entry you will be able to;

    • Conduct online bill-pay
    • Balances and all accounts
    • Transfer funds
    • Display Statements
    • Convert your paper bills into e-Bills


    • Telephone – 1(612)823-2265 or 1(800) 823-2265 from 7am to 7pm Monday thru Friday
    1. Member Share Account (10 Digits)
    2. Account PIN
    3. Social Security Number

Continue and the profile will be complete.

TCF Mobile Online Banking App | Apple iOS | Android 2019 (Ultimate Guides)

The TCF banking apps allow its users to conduct financial activity on their Apple or Android phone.

The applications allow a user to do the following:

  • View Accounts Balances
  • View Recent Transactions
  • Find Branches
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay Bills
  • Make Deposits
  • Contact TCF


  • Simple
  • Fast


  • App bugs


SMS Service

Another feature available for TCF clients is SMS service for free*. You can ask for your balances, recent transactions, details or ask for help sending an SMS to 269265 with corresponding abbreviation as shown below.

* It’s a free TCF service but message and data rates may apply.